Biohydrology 2019

Alexandra Tiefenbacher presented the results of the lysimeter experiments during the Biohydrology 2019 in Valencia from 24-27 July.

SEFS 2019

Gabriele Weigelhofer presented the results of our DOM addition experiments in the field and in the laboratory during the 11 Symposium of Freshwater Sciences in Zagreb from 30 June to 5 July.

EGU 2019

Matthias Pucher presented the results of his in-stream DOM addition experiments in Vienna at the EGU General Assembly 2019 from 7-12 April.

New PhD student Matthias Pucher

In December 2017, Matthias Pucher joined the team as new PhD student. His work will focus on the DOM quality of the different water sources in the HOAL catchment. Besides, he will study the combined effects of DOM sources and toxic substances on the performance of benthic bacteria. Currently, Matthias is busy with the development of a script for Parafac-Analyses of DOM spectra in R. Results will be published recently.

Artikel im Standard

Schmutziges Wasser: Alles, was mit dem Strom schwimmt

erschienen im „Der Standard“ online am 10.9.2017